What happened to the original User Based Casting website?

• I took the original, Ning-hosted User Based Casting website offline in February 2014.

Why did you take User Based Casting offline in 2014?
• Read this post.

What's the point of this 'new' User Based Casting?
• Although there won't be any more Voting Cycles, my hope is that this new version of the User Based Casting site will once again facilitate critique swaps between aspiring young actors who're passionate about upcoming YA book-to-film-adaptations.

Can I access my old content uploaded directly to User Based Casting (videos, blog posts, pictures, etc)?
• All of your content from the original User Based Casting has been permanently removed.

Will we have Voting Cycles again?
• There are no immediate plans to hold new Voting Cycles.

Why aren't you using the new header featured in our Facebook group?
• I'll put it up eventually! For now, it's #nostalgia and #feels for you.

How will I upload new videos?
• You will need to upload your videos through a service such as Youtube, Vimeo, or even Facebook. (Be sure to tag your videos correctly so that other UBC participants can find them—see this page for instructions!)

What happened to Groups/Blogs/Events/Profile Pages?
• These features are not available on this version of User Based Casting. To interact with other UBC participants, you'll want to check out our Discussion forum, Facebook group or Critique Station.

Can I create a new profile page (or something similar to a profile page)?
• Sure! I encourage you to create an acting-based blog or website with Blogspot or Wordpress. You can 'publish' newly uploaded videos by embedding them in a blog post and sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Having your own space will help you build a following, which is something you'll need in order to capture a Casting Director's attention. Visit the "Participate" page for more details.

How do I add myself to a Directory?
• To add yourself to the Member Directory, visit the Directory page and add your name and blog URL to the linkup. To add yourself to a BTFA Directory, access the series' Directory page, add your name and character(s) name(s), and link to either your Youtube channel or to a specific tag/label search on your blog. (See the 'Participate' page for more details on how to create this link).

Where can I find news about upcoming Book-to-Film Adaptations?
• I will not be personally monitoring/re-posting breaking news about upcoming BTFAs. Consider following Page to Premiere on Facebook or Twitter as well as the "Acting Auditions" blog by Alan Baltes—both are great resources!

How involved do you plan to be with User Based Casting going forward?
• Aside from hanging out in the chatroom and answering a few questions, I plan to have minimal involvement with the day-to-day here on UBC. I set this version of the site up in a way that, while requiring a lot of work upfront, will allow me to pursue other projects without having to worry about ongoing administrative duties (such as handling Voting Cycles).

Frequently Asked Questions From the 
Original User Based Casting Website

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  1. ABOUT
    1. What is the purpose of this site?
      The purpose of this site is to present the Casting Directors of our featured book-to-film adaptations (BTFAs) with quality candidates for each character in hopes he or she will grant at least one member an audition.
      Please note that our results are not official. We are not affiliated with the authors, publishers, or production teams behind our featured books or their film adaptations. (We'll let you know if that changes!)
    2. Who runs User Based Casting?
      My name is Kat. (Hi there!) I created and have managed User Based Casting since 2009. I graduated cum laude with a BA in English from the University of New Mexico in 2012 and I play the oboe.
    3. Will Casting Directors look at this site?
      I have no connections in the acting industry, so whether or not a Casting Director checks us out relies heavily on it's social media reach. Be vocal about your favorite Finalists and spread the word about this site!

      Update: According to Emmy Laybourne, the producers and/or Casting Director of the Monument 14 film adaptation will be keeping an eye on our audition videos!
    4. How can I contact the Site Owner?
      You may send me a message, leave me a comment, or fill out an email form. You can also contact me at kat@userbasedcasting.com for general inquiries, advertising proposals, and interview requests.

      If you are a Casting Director and wish to get in touch with one or more of our candidates, please send an email to talent@userbasedcasting.com.

      If you have read through the FAQ and still need assistance, please submit your question to help@userbasedcasting.com.
    1. Are Finalists guaranteed an audition for the film?
      No. As stated previously, we do not have any official connections to the people who will turn these novels into films. It is our hope that by holding Voting Cycles and garnering support for our "cause" as well as our Finalists, Casting Directors will take into consideration who we—the consumers—would like to see on the big screen.
    2. How can I qualify for a Voting Cycle?
      You'll need to film, upload, and correctly label the Required Monologues for your characters. Once you have done so, be sure to sign up for a Voting Cycle before the deadline passes. We generally have five Voting Cycles per BTFA (Book-To-Film-Adaptation) per year. Click here for detailed instructions.
    3. When does voting begin for [Book Name Here]?
      Check out our Vote page for a detailed schedule.
    4. Where can I find the Required Monologues for my Character?
    5. Why isn't [Character Name Here] listed on User Based Casting? Can you add them?
      I have only included characters that appear in the first book of each series (excluding Maximum Ride and GONE). This is done under the assumption that a film adaptation would only be able to cover one book's worth of material. That being said, I do add characters who appear at a later point in a series on a case-by-case basis.
    6. How do I vote?
    7. Can I vote for myself?
    8. How many times can I vote per Voting Cycle?
    9. I don't understand how you determine the Finalists for each character! How does it work?
      We hold frequent Voting Cycles for our featured Book-To-Film-Adaptations. (View our schedule here.) During these Voting Cycles, site members and the public at large can vote for their favorite candidates for each character. The candidate with the most votes becomes the Finalist.
    10. Are Finalists permanent?
      No! Each Voting Cycle is a fresh start.
    11. How do I enter a Voting Cycle?
      See the "Participate" page.
    12. What is the deadline to sign up for a Voting Cycle? How do I sign up?
      Head on over to the "Participate" page and click the "Sign Up" tab.

      The deadline for Voting Cycles held during the 1st-7th of the month is the 27th day of the previous month. The deadline for Voting Cycles held during the 15th-22nd of the month is the 12th day of the same month.

      • Maximum Ride May Voting Cycle Deadline: April 27th
      • GONE May Voting Cycle Deadline: May 12th
    13. If I'm not a Finalist or Runner Up for my character, can I try again next time?
      Sure! Just be sure to re-film your audition videos before signing up for your next Voting Cycle.
    14. Can I advocate myself/others by sending out mass messages and asking for votes?
      No. Earn your votes—don't beg for them!
    15. My videos aren't working on the "Candidates" page for my character during a Voting Cycle. What do I do?
      Please message me (Kat) and I will remedy the problem. Mistakes happen!
    16. Which video formats are supported on UBC? How large can my video uploads be?
      You can add up to 30 videos at a time, and each video may be up to 100MB in size. We support videos in the .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .3gp, and .3g2 file formats.
    1. Do you have any of the Casting Director's contact information? If so, can I have it?
      1. Not at the moment.
      2. You'll have it as soon as I have it.
    2. Can I organize my audition videos into groups based on the series or character?
      You sure can! Here's a tutorial.
    3. Do I have to use my real name?
      No! (Note that if you're under 18, you actually aren't allowed to use a last name.)
    4. This FAQ didn't answer my question!
      Couldn't find an answer on our FAQ or Participate pages? Email help [at] userbasedcasting [dot] com.