User Review Program

As part of our User Review Program, you will receive recognition for taking the time to contribute well-written and thoughtful reviews of fellow User Based Casting participants. A review should consist of the following:

  • Review # (be sure to number your reviews!)
  • Actor's Name/Age (first name only if under 18)
  • Character(s) Name
  • A one/two paragraph (per character) review detailing both the strengths and weaknesses of the actor. Offer suggestions for improvement and cite specific examples. Be sure to link to the individual's Youtube channel. 

Each review consists of one actor and one character. Therefore, if you review one actor's portrayal of three characters, you will have contributed three reviews.

Reviews must be posted on a website or blog you created specifically to participate in UBC in order to be eligible. (Please tag/label your reviews with "#UBCReviews" if possible.)  Once you have passed the 15, 30, 50, and 75-review benchmarks, feel free to display the corresponding badge on your site!