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As follows is a list of potential monologues from the Maximum Ride, GONE, Monument 14, and Uglies series. Click the name of your desired character to expand their list. Because these books have gone through multiple printings, your page numbers may differ from what is shown below.

To suggest additional monologues, please leave a comment below—I will update the master list accordingly when I get the chance. If at all possible, please follow the formatting formula demonstrated below (i.e. Book Title Abbreviation: "Name of Monologue"—Chapter X (123-124) (begin "You're awesome...", end "...I know.") to make these updates easier to perform.

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    1. Max
      SOF: “Iggy, I Need You” – Chapter 37 (105-106)
      SOF: “Tired” – Chapter 104 (295-296)
      STWAOES: “Torture By Chocolate Chip Cookie” – Chapter 39
      STWAOES: “Here’s a Tip” Chapter 88 (264-265)
      STWAOES: “Shove It”
      – Chapter 103 (313-314)

      Tag: maxlovesshoes
    2. Fang
      TAE: “In a Way, You’re Lucky” – Chapter 72 (225-226)
      SOF: “As I Recall” – Chapter 57 (158-159)
      STWAOES: “Let Them” – Chapter 12 (40-41)
      TFW: “I’m Sorry It Ended Like This” – Chapter 3 (12)
      Tag: fanglovesdesertrat
    3. Iggy
      SOF: “This Sucks!” – Chapter 37 (103-105)
      SOF: “Let Me Sleep On It” – Chapter 81 (226)
      SOF: “They Loved the Wings” – Chapter 90

      Tag: bombsaway
    4. Nudge
      TAE: “I was Thinking” – Chapter 12 (41-42)
      SOF: “Cleopatra” – Chapter 14 (38)
      SOF: “Secret of the Code” – Chapter 62 (172-173)

      Tag: nudge
    5. Gazzy
      TAE: “I Hate Everything!” – Chapter 102 (315)
      SOF: “Captain” – Chapter 14 (37)
      SOF: “Ignorant Savages” – Chapter 47 (134-135)
      Tag: gasman!
    6. Angel
      SOF: “Contaminated” – Chapter 103/104 (293-295)
      SOF: “Hi” – Chapter 119 (337-339)
      TFW: “I Don’t Feel All That Human” – Chapter 30 (107)
      Tag: angel
    7. Ella
      TAE: “Thanks for Helping Me” – Chapter 29
      TAE: “Mom, this is…” – Chapter 31 (91-92)
      STWAOES: “Is He Your Boyfriend?” – Chapter 28 (79-80)
      Tag: ella
    8. Ari
      STWAOES: “They’re Building An Army” – Chapter 49 (145-146)
      STWAOES: “I Hated You” – Chapter 96 (287)
      Tag: ari
    9. Other
      Record at least one monologue from this list.
  2. GONE
    1. Sam
      GONE: "There's This Light..." - (130-134)
      GONE: "You Don't Get This" -  (193-194)
      GONE: "Pep Talk" - (410)
      Tag: samFAYZ
    2. Astrid
      GONE: "Pedantic"- Chapter 5 (48)
      GONE: "Faded"- Chapter 7 (71)
      GONE: "Meteorite"- Chapter 11 (110)
      GONE: "Fallout Pattern"- Chapter 11 (114-115)
      GONE: "What's He Up To?"- Chapter 15 (156-157)
      Tag: astridFAYZ
    3. Caine
      GONE: "I'm Caine Soren" - (139-144)
      GONE: "Work Together" - (147-149)
      Tag: caineFAYZ
    4. Diana
      GONE: "Brainy Types" -  Chapter 15 (158)
      GONE: "I'm Not a Nice Person" -  Chapter 29 (332-333)
      GONE: "Cut Below the Burn" -  Chapter 36 (420)
      GONE: "Screwing Things Up"-  Chapter 42 (505-508)
      Tag: dianaFAYZ
    5. Mary
      GONE: "Little Worm" -  (77)
      GONE: "We Need Help"-  (149)
      Tag: maryFAYZ
    6. Lana
      GONE: "Pack Leader" - Chapter 29, 325-329 (begin "I'm a human," end "...not smarter than me")
      GONE: "Don't Know Where"- Chapter 37, 433-434 (begin "I feel like we're going somewhere," end "...don't have to do this")
      Tag: lanaFAYZ
    7. Edilio
      GONE: "From Mexico" -  (84)
      GONE: "Big Coincidence" -  (122)
      GONE: "Respect" -  (129)
      Tag: edilioFAYZ
    8. Quinn
      GONE: "Beat Up and Humiliated" -  (103-105)
      GONE: "Hook" -  (132)
      GONE: "Suspicious"-  (181-183)
      Tag: quinnFAYZ
    9. Drake
      GONE: "Found What We Were Looking For" -  Chapter 33, 391-392 (Begin "I think maybe we just...", end "...long before that.")
      GONE: "She's Done For"-  Chapter 34, 397-401 (Begin "Ah ah ah," end "Do it or pop-goes-the-genius.")
      Tag: drakeFAYZ
    10. Jack
      GONE: "I'm Totally Loyal" -  Chapter 29, 334-336 (Begin "I'm totally loyal," end "...I'll do it.")
      GONE: "Look"- Chapter 32, 378-379 (Begin "We need to play...", end "...caught any of it.")
      Tag: jackFAYZ
    11. Albert
      GONE: "Shortages" - Chapter 30, 347-349 (Begin "We ran out of...," end "And I have this place.")
      GONE: "McDonalds" - Chapter 36, 424-427 (Begin "Glad you're back, man," end "Yeah?")
      Tag: albertFAYZ
    12. Orc
      GONE: "Headache" -  Chapter 35, 415-417 (Begin "Why are you bothering me?", end "...Caine's mad at us.")
      Tag: orcFAYZ
    13. Howard
      GONE: "We Have Trouble" -  Chapter 35, 415-417 (Begin "Orc, man, get up...", end "...still needs us.")
      Tag: howardFAYZ
    14. Brianna
      HUNGER: "That's Why I'm The Breeze" — Chapter Five, 54-56 (Begin "I'm fast," end "Ready.")
      HUNGER: "Do We?" — Chapter Five, 58-61 (Begin "So, Jack," end "Later.")
      HUNGER: "What's Going On?" — Chapter Twenty, 266-268 (Begin "What's going on?", end "But—")
      HUNGER: "Hug it Out" — Chapter Thirty-One, 405-406
      Tag: briannaFAYZ
    15. Dekka
      HUNGER: "Condensation" — Chapter Eighteen, 246-247 and 250 (Begin "If he's breathing," end "...always lines." SKIP 248-249)
      HUNGER: "Don't Be Up in My Face" — Chapter Thirty, 393-398
      Tag: dekkaFAYZ
    16. Taylor
      HUNGER: "Tom O'Dell" — Chapter Nine, 90 (Begin "You know Tom...", end "Here.")
      HUNGER: "Freaking Out" — Chapter Thirty, 393-394 (Begin "They're freaking out," end " one bounce.")
      Tag: taylorFAYZ
    1. Dean
      M14: "Shining" — Chapter Eleven, 118
      M14: "It Must Be So Easy For You" — Chapter Seventeen, 163-164
      M14: "Bath" — Chapter Twenty-Three, 201-202
      M14: "What's Wrong?" — Chapter Twenty-Six, 233-235 (Begin "What's Wrong?", end "...forever and ever.")
      M14: "Reconnaissance!" — Chapter Thirty-One, 263-264
      Tags: M14dean, M14
    2. Astrid
      M14: "Just Horrible" — Chapter Six, 64-65 (Begin "I don't understand," end " for NORAD, anyway?")
      M14: "One Big Happy Family?" — Chapter Six, 75-76 (Begin "Nobody's thinking," end "...going on out there?")
      M14: "Bad Idea" — Chapter Thirty-Three, 282-284 (Please include a brief "spoiler alert" in video description!)
      Tags: M14astrid, M14
    3. Josie
      M14: "New Yellow School Bus" — Chapter Ten, 106-107
      M14: "You Are A Child!" — Chapter Twenty, 178-180
      M14: "Bad Guy" — Chapter Twenty-Nine, 251-252 (Begin "So I was right," end "What will the kids think?")
      Tags: M14josie, M14
    4. Sahalia
      M14: "You're Not The Boss of Me!" — Chapter Twenty, 179-180 (Begin "Nice," end " me more than you.")
      M14: "As A Team" — Chapter Twenty-Nine, 250-251
      Tags: M14sahalia, M14
    5. Niko
      M14: "How To Survive" — Chapter Twelve, 127-128
      M14: "Back in Buffalo" — Chapter Seventeen, 161
      M14: "Private" — Chapter Twenty-Five, 224-225
      Tags: M14niko, M14
    6. Jake
      M14: "Good Intentions" — Chapter Nine, 101
      M14: "I Am The QB" — Chapter Twelve, 125-126
      M14: "Rodeo Clown" — Chapter Eighteen, 168-169 (Begin "This happened to me once," end "...sorry I jumped to conclusions.")
      Tags: M14jake, M14
    7. Brayden
      M14: "Screw You!" — Chapter Nine, 102-103 (Begin "Screw you," end "...campfires...")
      M14: "Great Story" — Chapter Fifteen, 146-147 (Begin "Wow," end "...five hours to clean it up.")

      Tags: M14brayden, M14
    8. Max
      M14: "Not Even Kidding" — Chapter Seven, 79-80
      M14: "That's All I'm Saying" — Chapter Eighteen, 170 (Begin "No he didn't," end "That's all I'm saying.")
      M14: "Village Inn" — Chapter Twenty-One, 185-186 (Begin "You know who has," end "...for the banana split!")

      Tags: M14max, M14
    9. Alex
      M14: "They Can Still Run" — Chapter Seven, 74-75 (Begin "I've been thinking," end "...they can still run.")
      M14: "Pretty Dark" — Chapter Sixteen, 153
      M14: "What Happened To Your Face?" — Chapter Twenty, 176

      Tag: M14alex, M14
    1. Tally
      UGLIES: "No Losers" - Fight, 82-84
      UGLIES: "Not Going" - Last Trick, 92-93
      UGLIES: "I've Been There" - Amazing, 322-324
      Tag: ugliestally, tally
    2. Shay
      UGLIES: "Dead Pretty" - Pretty Boring, 49-50
      UGLIES: "I Knew It" - Heartthrob, 224-227
      UGLIES: "Power Trip" - Rescue, 384-385

      Tag: ugliesshay, shay
    3. David
      UGLIES: "I Can Trust You" - Bravery, 247
      UGLIES: "Never Showed Up" - Bravery, 250

      Tag: ugliesdavid
    4. Peris
      UGLIES: "Bubbly" - Peris, 124-125

      Tag: ugliesperis


  1. All of these are from Clockwork Angel—I'll add them to the master list soon!


    TID: Will: "It Might Be Fatal" — Chapter Two, 36-38 (Begin "You cut me," end "...come along.")
    TID: Will: "Pandemonium Club" — Chapter Three, 70-72 (Begin "Have you asked Miss Gray," end "...until the Dark Sisters found me.")
    TID: Will: "Pyxis" — Chapter Four, 85-87 (Begin "Good evening, Thomas," end "...doesn't like to see her work too hard.")
    TID: Will: "If You Must Know" — Chapter Five, 106-108 (Begin "Singing the praises," end "...I'll have to befriend Jessamine.")


    TID: Jem: "Someone He Trusted" — Chapter Thirteen, 304 (Begin "What Will is trying to say," end " might know.")
    TID: Jem: "I Know What You're Thinking" — Chapter Thirteen, 306-309
    TID: Jem: "The Essential Mystery of Will Herondale" — Chapter Fouteen, 316-318 (Begin "And there you have," end "...what she claims he said.")
    TID: Jem: "He's So Stubborn" — Chapter Fifteen, 338-340 (Begin "He's so stubborn," end " they were so weak.")
    TID: Jem: "Because Of The Drug" — Chapter Fifteen, 340-341 (Begin "There, beside you on the bed," end "I've had enough tonight.")


    TID: Tessa: "Safe Location" — Chapter Three, 61-63 (Begin "Much obliged," end "Dinner?")
    TID: Tessa: "That's Why They Wanted Me" — Chapter Four, 76-78 (Begin "I explained that already," end " marry me, they said.")
    TID: Tessa: "A Literary Sort of Prison" — Chapter Four, 87-89 (Begin "But the books are all behind bars," end " can't be serious.")
    TID: Tessa: "The Ticket" — Chapter Four, 103-106 (Begin "Did Will tell you that?", end "...horrible city.")
    TID: Tessa: "It Was An Accident" — Chapter Eight, 194-195 (Begin "What is it?", end "...clean of all this.")
    TID: Tessa: "It's Not My Fight" — Chapter Thirteen, 303-305 (Begin "At least I have a mind," end "...don't follow me.")
    TID: Tessa: "I'm An Orphan" — Chapter Fourteen, 315-316 (Begin "You like Will, don't you?", end "..if he wasn't?")
    TID: Tessa: "Perfectly Harmless" — Chapter Sixteen, 350-352 (Begin "Nate...", end " place for us in New York, Nate.")
    TID: Tessa: "I Won't Do It" — Chapter Nineteen, 435-437 (Begin "I don't want it," end "...knife through my heart.")
    TID: Tessa: "True Parents" — Chapter Nineteen, 442-446 (Begin "Don't come any closer," end "...I will.")
    TID: Tessa: "Is It Really You?" — Chapter Nineteen, 448-451

  2. Jessamine

    TID: Jessamine: "Speak for Yourself" — Chapter Five, 115-117 (Begin "A lady does not read the newspaper."
    TID: Jessamine: "Boring and Married" — Chapter Six, 132-135 (Begin "You don't know what a relief," end " about the Institute anymore.")
    TID: Jessamine: "It's Not Fair" — Chapter Six, 134-137 (Begin "You must be wondering," end "...where are we?")
    TID: Jessamine: "Disgusting Creature!" — Chapter Six, 138-140 (Begin "Goblin," end "I didn't mean to. No—")
    TID: Jessamine: "This Was My House" — Chapter Six, 152-154 (Begin "This was my house")
    TID: Jessamine: "Too Handsome to Die" — Chapter Thirteen, 299-300
    TID: Jessamine: "Mush-Mouth" — Chapter Nineteen, 426-428


    TID: Sophie: "Pale as Milk" — Chapter Three, 64-65 (Begin "Mrs. Branwell doesn't believe," end "pale as milk.")
    TID: Sophie: "Bits of Dead Demon" — Chapter Four, 95
    TID: Sophie: "Fit To Be Seen" — Chapter Five, 111-112
    TID: Sophie: "All Sorts of Things" — Chapter Seven, 156-157
    TID: Sophie: "Downright Nasty" — Chapter Twelve, 284
    TID: Sophie: "He Isn't What You Think He Is" — Chapter Thirteen, 296-298

  3. Here are some suggestions from "Panic" by Lauren Oliver:

    Panic: Heather--"Go Somewhere"--pages 49-53 (Begin "I wish it wasn't...", end "I trust you".
    Panic: Heather--"Against the Rules" (Spoiler Alert)--pages 193-197 (Begin "I'm out.", end "I'm done.")
    Panic: Heather--"Not Going Back"--page 212 (Begin "What's up, Billy?", end "We're going to be fine."

    Panic: Natalie--"Shake on It"--pages 50-53 (Begin "I'm going to L.A.", end "...pinky swear?"
    Panic: Natalie-- "Losing My Chance" (Spoiler alert and mature content)--pages 193-196 (Begin "We have to wait...", end "You?")
    Panic: Natalie--"Potential" --pages 241-243 (Begin "It's beautiful.", end "Go.")

    Panic: Dodge--"I Heard Something" --pages 101-103 (Begin "What are you doing?", end "Go, go, go!")
    Panic: Dodge--"Wrong Place, Wrong Time"--pages 176-181 (Begin "Can I have some water...", end "Wrong place, wrong time.")
    Panic: Dodge--"No Rules"--pages 196-197 (Begin "The game never...", end "What's wrong?")
    Panic: Dodge--"Open It" (contains mature content)--pages 241-243 (Begin "Go ahead.", End "Please.")

    Panic: Bishop--"I'll Stay With You"--pages 166-172 (Begin "Come on...", end "You couldn't have known."
    Panic: Bishop-- "Real Thing"--pages 245-248 (Begin "She's fine.", end "Heather, please."